Breakfast Menu

During our Summer time we are unable to alter our menu and unable to split bills for tables over 6 people.
15% surcharge applies on public holidays
We thank you for your understanding!

EGGS ON TOAST (GFA) (V) w/ your choice of 63c eggs, fried or scrambled, “Jane Dough” sourdough toast


ADELIA SEED & NUT GRANOLA w/ maple and coconut pannacotta, fruits & berries & bronze fennel


JANE DOUGH TOAST (V) w/ your choice of strawberry jam, peanut butter or vegemite


JANE DOUGH CROISSANT w/ strawberry jam or Warrnambool butter OR smoked cheddar and kassler ham

$8 $11

JANE DOUGH FRUIT TOAST w/ strawberry jam or Warrnambool butter


BUTTERMILK PANCAKES (V) blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, Canadian maple syrup, fairy floss ice-cream


CANADIAN BUTTERMILK PANCAKES (GFA) American streaky bacon, salted caramel ice-cream, hazelnuts, Canadian maple


EGGS BENEDICT (GFA) 63c eggs, kassler ham, hollandaise, english muffin


EGGS ROYALE (GFA) 63c eggs, hot smoked salmon, baby spinach, hollandaise, english muffin


THYME MUSHROOMS (GFA) (V) Turkish bread, smashed avocado, roquette, persian feta, lemon


BOMBORA (GFA) thyme mushrooms, 63c eggs, oregano tomato, streaky bacon, beetroot relish, smashed avo, spinach, dill hash brown kranksy chiploata’s, sourdough toast



hyme mushrooms (GF) (V)
egg (GF) (V)
dill hash brown spinach (GF) (V)
smashed avo (GF) (V)
beetroot relish (GF) (V)
oregano tomato (GF) (V)
turkish bread
english muffin
extra sourdough toast
kranksy chipolata’s (GF)
hot smoked spiced salmon (GF)