Kaz’s Free range eggs on Toast (GFA) 
- Poached, Fried or Scrambled
+ Our poached eggs are cooked in their shells to 63° poached perfectly & cracked straight onto your plate
-  Turkish bread or Gluten Free bread – $2 ea
-  mushrooms, Tomato, Spinach, hollandaise – $3 ea
-  bacon, avocado – $4 ea
-  Smoked Salmon, Pork Sausage, housemade Potato dill hash – $5 ea


Housemade bircher muesli

Served with Schultz organic yoghurt & seasonal berries.

Toast | Fruit Toast
$8 each
Cinnamon Pancakes

With banana, maple syrup & vanilla ice-cream

Cinnamon Pancakes

With seasonal berries, maple syrup & vanilla ice-cream

Citrus Avocado (GFA)

With sprinkled fetta & rocket on sourdough toast

Add a poached egg: $3.00

Omelette (GF) (VA)

Onion, mushroom, ham & cheese


Served with berry compote and local honey

Traditional Eggs Benedict (GFA)

Served on La Madre sourdough

Breakfast Pizza

Turkish flatbread, bacon, egg, tomato, mozzarella, kasundi relish & mushrooms

Poached Eggs with Salmon (GFA)

Chargrilled asparagus & hollandaise on sourdough

Vego Breakfast (GFA) (V)

Truss cherry tomato, beetroot relish, avocado, baby spinach, and poached eggs on sourdough

The Bombora… The Lot!

Poached eggs, bacon, hash brown, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, sausage, avocado & a beetroot relish



Garlic Cobb Loaf
Hearty Winter Soup

Served with chargrilled sourdough

Flat bread & Trio of Homemade Dips

Extra Bread: $3.00

Grilled Prawns and Chorizo

Tossed through garlic and spiced oil

Grilled Halloumi

Served with turkish bread

Fried Baby Calamari
Marinated Olives (GFA)

With Turkish bread and dukkah

For two people- $16

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Served with chilli aioli, tomato sauce or wasabi aioli

Chicken Cajun Tenderloins

with spiced dipping sauce



Chicken Burger (GFA)

Marinated chicken breast with mixed lettuce, tomato, pinapple, bacon, cheese & crushed avocado finished with a sweet chilli mayonnaise in a La Madre charcoal milk bun served with chips

Beef Burger (GFA)

Pickles, cheese, tomato, bacon, caramelised onion, jalapeno relish (option), tomato sauce & American mustard served in a La Madre buttermilk bun with chips

Vege Burger (V)

Served with pineapple, lettuce, avocado and chilli aioli on a charcoal bun

Burger Sliders

Three petite burgers served on La Madre brioche buns with crispy chips & a sweet chilli mayo    

– Pulled beef, gherkin & tomato mint chutney    - Pulled pork, onion ring, coleslaw & apple sauce     – Chicken with chilli aioli & avocado

Steak Sandwich (GFA)

Salad mix, caramelised onion, english mustard, egg, bacon, tomato relish and BBQ sauce



Casear Salad (GFA) (VA)

Served with chicken, croutons, house made dressing, poached egg, parmesan cheese, anchovies & crispy bacon

Chickpea and Roast Vegetable (V)

With moroccan lamb $ 22

Asian Styled Calamari Salad

Dressed with a chilli glaze


Something Substantial

Fish & Chips

Lemon & dill battered fresh flake with a simple salad, house made tartare & crunchy chips

The Mighty Parma

Chicken breast topped with ham, traditional napoli, mozzarella cheese served with chips & salad

Simon’s Famous Seafood Chowder (GFA)

Prawns, smoked cod, calamari, scallops served in a custom made cobb load

Moules & Fritz

Served in a pan, tossed through leek and our tap cider and served with turkish bread and fries

280 Gram Scotch Fillet (GF)

Mash potato and petite salad with a side of red wine jus, mushroom or pepper sauce

Lamb Korma Curry (GFA)

Served with rice and naan bread

8hr Slow cooked lamb shank (GF)

Served on mash with green beans

Slow cooked pork belly

Served with mash potato, caramelised apple, pickled cabbage and apple cider gravy


Risotto & Pasta

Seafood Marinara Spaghetti (GFA)

With fresh seafood tossed with a bisque sauce

Seafood Risotto (GF)
Mixed Paella (GF)

With chicken, chorizo & seafood finished with organic herb salad

Prawn & Lobster Ravioli

With a creamy mushroom sauce

Spaghetti Matriciana

Salami, olives, capsicum, chilli, napoli


To Share

Anti-Pasto Plate (GFA)

Cold meats, pickled vegetables, olives, turkish bread

Add cheese of the week & crackers: $8.00


Hot Drinks

Seven Seeds Coffee

Soy, decaf, almond milk, extra shot: All $0.50 extra

Cup $4.00
Mug $5.00
Tea by Birdy

    – Breakfast blend     – Early Grey Crème     – Zanzibar Chai     – Champagne & Strawberry     – Pure Peppermint     – Lemongrass Twist     – Everyday Tea (green)     – Buddha’s Inspiration     – Egyptian Chamomile

Pot for one $5.50
Pot for two $6.00
Hot Chocolate

Our famous Belgian Callebaut Hot Chocolate Soy or Almond milk: $0.50


Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee / Chocolate
Iced Tea

    – White tea with Elderflower & Lemon     – Green tea with Moroccan Mint     – Black tea with Hibiscus & Cranberry     – White tea with White Nectarine


    – Chocolate     – Strawberry     – Caramel     – Vanilla     – Lime


    – Chocolate     – Strawberry     – Caramel     – Vanilla     – Lime

Soft Drinks

    - Lemonade    - Coke    - Coke Zero    - Diet Coke    - Solo     - Fanta    - Soda Water



Organic Juice

    - Apple     - Apple & Raspberry     - Pineapple & Mint     – Peach   - Passionfruit, Orange & Apple